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Garage Door Solution Service Glendale, AZ 623-295-3084Having a broken garage door opener can be nearly as inconvenient as having a broken garage door. Garage Door Solution Service knows that these devices are necessary for safety as well as to free your hands to carry things in from the car. It would also be extremely difficult to lift the weight of a modern garage door on your own without help from a remote. When yours doesn’t work right, you can get in touch with Garage Door Solution Service 24 hours a day for help. No matter what the problem or the brand that you have, we have the tools, parts, and experience to fix it.

Garage Door Solution Service can also provide you with a new garage door opener if you need one. We carry everything from a basic point and press to devices with all of the latest high-tech add-ons and waiting everywhere throughout the Glendale, AZ in our service vehicle. Regardless of your budget or specific requirements, ask us to show you our inventory of automated garage door openers. We are happy to oblige.